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I've decided that this journal needs a total makeover. We need some red and whites!

Anyways, first post is always a bother because you don't know what to write and you don't have anything to go by. My name is Chelsea. Or Jack, or Niki or whatever the hell you would like to call me because on the internet I'm basically a ghost with enough identities to make me certifiably insane. Or close at least ;).

Technically I should be down in the '26 Lounge getting my yearbook signed, but I came down with some bug today and I've been absolutely miserable ever since. Hence I am up in my dorm updating my livejournal.

I usually don't keep up with this (jackscott) journal. I'm part of an RPG community and my characters keep me pretty busy over there. Normally this journal is just for my rants and raves; I guess if people are going to be watching onw I should actually put in something of substance?

I've got one final on Tuesday and after that I'm outta here. As fun as it's been, I think I'm ready to go home.
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