cellardoor (lilspammers) wrote in cornell_sc_2004,

Hey everyone!! So I was sitting around thinking and I decided that our SC'04 group was a pretty diverse group, and therefore, I was wondering if anyone in there participated in either NFTY (North American Federation of Temple Youth) or CTY (Center for Talented Youth, run through JHU).
I know I found one fellow NFTYite because I wore a NFTY shirt one day and she stopped me and asked about it, so that was cool.
I also met one person from CTY because he was wearing a CTY shirt from last year so I stopped him and asked about it, and it ends up he was at the same campus as me, same session, but he took a different class. It also ends up he's best friends with one of my best friends from CTY.
So if anyone did... lemme know!
-Sam (architorture)
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